Dr. Cohen and Dr. Rob are incredibly knowledgeable and caring. They each have a slightly different style and both are very effective. I’ve had phenomenal results and am grateful for being referred by a friend years ago.

Brittany Lynne

Catalina Medical Center is amazing! Dr. Rob & Dr. Cohen are so wonderful and I always walk out of their office feeling amazing. I've been there for their chiropractic services and allergy treatments and I have to say that I've definitely found the right place for me. I come from a family of chiropractors (dad and 2 uncles) so I've been pretty picky about who I let treat me. And I definitely give them 5 stars! And their staff is super friendly. I highly recommend them :)

Sandra Umana

I’m a new patient and they’ve been so helpful. Always kind and friendly staff. The doctors are wonderful and really make you feel comfortable.

Christopher Barhoum

My wife and I have been going to Catalina Medical for over 7 years now. Dr. Rob and Dr. Cohen have always taken care of us. They are attentive and very friendly and always seen to fix whatever back ailments or exercise injuries we get that require chiropractic treatment. We highly recommend them :)

Thenuthia Barhoum

Dr. Rob and Dr. Cohen have always practiced save methods with me and the staff is friendly. I recommend giving them a try.

Anna Hackathorn

I am so thankful to have found this place a couple of years ago! I used to have to drive an hour away for someone I felt comfortable with and it just didn't work for my busy life. It's been such a relief to have this place so close to me. Both chiropractors and the accupuncturist that I have been to are amazing and they relieve my pain every time. They are gentle, with no scary manipulations or cracking, and very effective. The staff is always pleasant and helpful. It's affordable and pretty easy to get appointments relatively quickly. I can't recommend them highly enough.

Erika Rhodes

I have been struggling with migraines and food allergies for years and am happy to report that I’ve been making great progress the last month. I have improved energy, decreased headaches, and have been able to reintroduce foods that caused the migraines.

Zach Luis

A great all around center to help you recover from issues with your back, spine, and everything in-between. The back adjustments and therapies I have received have been top notch. Dr. Cohen, Dr. Rob, and the whole staff have been great in helping aid my recovery. Fully recommend to anyone having back problems.

Mat Silver

Great chiropractor going there over fifteen years always getting my pain problems taken care of would definitely suggest using their services

Ed Masciana

They only gave me 5 stars! Worth 10

Denise Hadley

I love getting an adjustment and then getting rid of an allergy. The doctors are excellent and my back and neck and hip always feel better after a visit. No more epi-pins. All 5 of us have been getting rid of our allergies. The doctors use an LED light to get rid of allergies!!!! I had 2 peanut allergy kids and they are able to eat peanut butter since the visit.

Madison Nitta

As a former Division I collegiate athlete who has dealt with lower back pain for 5.5 years, I'm incredibly thankful that one of my family-friends found Dr Cohen and Dr Josefsson and referred me to them for chiropractor practice! What I especially love about this office is that they serve you at your scheduled appointment time EVERY time (something that seems to be uncommon in any visit to a Dr's office). I also like that they take the time to explain the anatomy of the body and what's going on with the "progression" of it each visit. Super informative every time!

Craig Allsopp

For my first time to a chiropractor, Dr Cohen and Dr Josefsson were so thorough and informative. They helped me with a sudden onset of lower back pain and were able to squeeze me into the office while I was in a lot of pain. The first day of treatment helped a lot and I look forward to the follow up care to learn more about keeping my back in tip top shape. Highly recommended!

Clara Ure

Hands down best chiropractic experience I've had. The center is a one-stop shop for all things health – they offer chiropractic services, as well as acupuncture, massage therapy, ultrasound, and soooo much more. Dr. Cohen and Dr. Joseffson are both personally invested in seeing your health improve and they'll work with you to make sure you get the results you want. The rest of the staff is also extremely friendly, attentive, and knowledgable. I've had chronic back pain for years and after a few weeks of seeing the doctors, my pain disappeared. Definitely recommend you try out Catalina Medical for any of the services offered – you won't be disappointed!

Grant Harada

I have been a patient here at Catalina Medical Center for about 7 years and they have done an amazing job taking care of my injuries. Dr. Cohen and Dr. Josephson are great chiropractors that explain what's going on with your body during the adjustments, which is great. Terese, the office manager, is great scheduling and dealing with the insurance companies. I highly recommend this chiropractic office. They treat their patients like family.

AnniE KiM

A+! Catalina Medical Center assisted me for my postpartum recovery and alignment. The staff there are all extremely nice! Definitely recommend them for their terrific services.

Cecilia Saikeo

Dr. Rob and Dr. Cohen are both knowledgeable, talented, and friendly chiropractors. I adore them and look forward to each visit.

As a teenager, I had Harrington Rod surgery for scoliosis (long metal rod fused to my spine) so other chiropractors would not touch me. At Catalina Medical Center, their approach is gentle yet effective. For the first time in years, I feel amazing!! Their treatments have improved my quality of life.

Applying the NAET acupuncture treatment for food allergies has been life changing!! Truly.

Plus, the massage therapist are Excellent!! Delia and Stephanie are the best!

Nat Evans

I suffered from Plantar Fasciitis for years. Dr. Cohen fixed me with one visit and proper advice on taping my foot so it could heal. Sure beat the heck out of surgery and steroid injections which were the other options. Dropped 20 pounds and have now been mountain biking for years! Awesome.

Lucy Ravitch

I have been going here for over six years and it's my go to chiropractor. The 30 minute massage is so helpful for healing too!

Ivan Tomic

Best chiropractors in LA. Everytime I have back pain, I go here and they readjust my spine. Great staff and atmosphere.



Lak Thach

I didn't want to go to a "cracking" office and this place fits the bill! The doctor here use this special tool to slightly adjust your spines. Along with stim or ultrasound after the adjustments. I'm also seeing the acupuncturist here who does cupping along with needle work. I've definitely noticed a difference with my back pain. The staff here is very friendly. Easy to book appointments. I never waited too long to be seen. All the doctors are very kind and easy to talk to.

Melinda Borrett

I've been very impressed with the treatment I've received from everyone at Catalina Medical Center, from the doctors to the assistants. At the first appointment Dr. Rob did a very thorough review of my condition which included X-rays and explained the issues I had and how they would be corrected. I'm feeling great and doing much better thanks to Dr. Cohen and Dr. Rob. I also really like that the office offers an array of services including massage therapy. I've received a massage from Stephanie and it was a great experience. The doctors let her know what needs to be worked on so the treatment is specific to my needs. I wad referred by Kaiser who is my insurance provider.

Liz Silberlicht

I absolutely love the Chiropractors here! I suffer from neck and back pain from multiple injuries throughout my life and always feel so much relief with regular visits. The office staff is professional, friendly and helpful. And it's walking distance from home so all around it's awesome for me. I've also referred a handful of co-workers and they've been very satisfied as well.

Fatima Miranda

I was introduced to Dr. Rob and Dr. Cohen by Jane a good friend who is a client at the Center. At first I was skeptical about chiropractor. I thought it would not help with my condition which was acid reflux. Guess what! It is working because I no longer have that terrible white balls sitting on my throat, it has helped me to be more relaxed, I sleep better. So now I visit the Center often to get my shut of wellness. Customer service is excellent and not too expensive either. I do recommend the place.

Sophie Tuler

Catalina Medical Center was recommended to me by two co-workers and so far I am very impressed with their chiropractic services. Dr. Cohen and Dr. Rob definitely know their stuff and seem to know just what to do to relive your symptoms. Their methods are a little different than those I am used to from other chiropractors (they use a gentle activator rather than large adjustments), but they take the time to explain everything they are doing and it all makes perfect sense. The office staff is very friendly and helpful. The only reason I am not giving 5 stars is because I have only just started treatment and have yet to see if it will be a long term success.

Donna McGovern

I have been a Catalina Medical patient for over 30 years. I have been treated for lower back & sciatic nerve pain, shoulder pain, neck pain due to many whip lash injuries, sinus problems, indigestion issues and several other symptoms. They do gentle adjustments and they have almost any PT equipment known. Dr's Cohen and Josefsson are outstanding and Delia is a great Massage Therapist. They are my go-to place for maintaining good health or pain management!

Sara Lopez

I have been coming here for years and have referred all my family, absolutely Great Chiropractic Office. This is the First Medical Facility that discovered I had a bad disc, I have suffered from back pain my whole life and gone to many other Medical Facilities and they had not discovered this, both Doctors are vary patient with me, its nice to go to a Medical office that you know they are taking the time to listen to you when you have several pain complaints. All the staff is very nice and pleasant starting with the front office and ending with the staff who does the ultrasound treatments, and you can also get a lovely relaxing massage too, I highly recommend.

Kristin Messinger

Dr. Cohen and Dr. Rob are true healers. They care about overall health and balance in the body. Don't be a slave to your pain or allergies, give this place a try

Bryant Del Rosario

Great staff. Great doctors. Never felt rushed once. I feel alot better than before i first came in. Patient teachings are on point. You can tell they love what they do just from all the explanations they provide you with amd rationales behind each interventions and explanation of what each nerve does. Just great!

Nick Gilpatrick

Thanks to everyone at Catalina Medical! Great team atmosphere and amazing chiropractors. I highly recommend this place!

Pierre Louis

As a father of a child with Lupus I m willing to try just about anything to help my daughters find some relief. My daughter is a skeptic but after seeing Dr Rob she got some much needed relief which is pure gold. I went and and got some relief for my neck pain and some good advice as well for a healthier life.


Kaii B.

This place is amazing!!! Dr. Rob and Dr. Cohen are fantastic! They take their time and make sure I understand what's going on with my body. I never feel rushed, and every time after my adjustment I feel great. I would never recommend going anywhere else!

Kimberly Kozak

I have been a patient of Dr. Cohen and Dr. Rob for two years. My 13 year old daughter also goes here. We both play tennis and have had various issues with knees, back, etc. They are both very good doctors (and very nice too) and compliment each other well. I have tried other doctors who have not given me results and finally found Dr. Cohen and Dr. Rob. Thank you!!

Ascanio Pignatelli

Skeptical at first but the results speak for themselves. Feeling way better after just one visit. Awesome experience all around. Despite the drive form Santa Monica I'll be back.

Faith N

I have been a patient here for many years. When I first started as a patient, my back would go out so bad, that I could barely walk, and pain killers and muscle relaxers were the only option (and they didn't help that much). After the first visit, I noticed an improvement, and after a couple of weeks, I was better than I had been in a long time. I am still a patient, but not so much for the acute injury, but more so because I've learned to listen to my body and most times make it in before my back goes totally out. Sometimes its a couple of weeks, sometimes its a month or more. Well worth it. My husband has come here, and his issue was resolved in 2 visits. My son has issues similar to mine and he is also a patient here. I love both Dr. Rob and Dr. Cohen. Both are competent, professional and caring. If you call and are in pain, they can usually get you in the same day.

Dianne Merzel

Over the years, the combination of physical activity, stress and injuries have contributed to severe muscle pain, stiffness and limited movement at times. I tried everything, supplements, exercise, doctors and many chiropractors but nothing seemed to help me. A friend of mine referred me to Catalina Medical Center. You can imagine that I remained skeptical upon my first visit. I was surprised by the sequence of discussions and procedures on my first visit. Today, my situation has improved substantially. I would definitely recommend Catalina Medical Center to anyone without a doubt.

Jim Myers

Like how they are available and helps my back

Nick Jones

The office is pretty cool. I was looking for a chiropractor that took my insurance and I am very thankful that this office does take it. They have two different chiropractors and one medical doctor. Feel real good after my adjustment and had a great massage from Stephanie. Thank you

Shuaibby Baby

I've been getting allergy treatments from Dr. Cohen and Dr. Josefsson for the past few months. The treatments have been really helping me with my stomach problems and the sensitivity I have to many foods! I have been really educated about how food affects my body. The best results were that my cholesterol dropped from 265 to 206 and all my "numbers" are where they are supposed to be!

The chiropractic care has been really great, too! Their methods are gentle and stress-free - no "cracking!"

Thanks for your wonderful care!

Lars Estefan

I went to another chiropractor for a year and a half. Coming to Catalina was a change for the better in the chiropractic care I am receiving. Drs. Cohen and Josefsson are so incredibly thorough in identifying and treating the cause of the problem, I am experiencing far more relief after just two visits than I have ever experienced so far. They accept insurance, try it out!!

Shuaibby Baby

They take care of you as if they were your family

Craig Allsopp

Dr Cohen and his team provide excellent help, keeping my aches and pains in check. He has fixed my back aches many times.

Susan Lutter

A chance encounter with a stranger led me to Dr. Rob. Now I'm a regular patient at this office, where the staff is pleasant, kid friendly and helpful in many ways. I used to drive 45 minutes to a chiro twice a year for adjustments, but seeing Dr. Cohen and Dr. Rob for the past 3 months 2-3x a week has alleviated my migraines (which I've had for 15 years), alleviated sinus rhinitis issues, improved my posture significantly, improved neck pain and helped with food sensitivities. Through x-ray, massage, therapeutic ultrasound and learned exercise techniques, I'm also working on a year long shoulder and arm pain.

The doctors listen, ask questions and explain the best course of action for your ailments. They are not rushed but efficient. They work with you to improve overall health. I've learned so much about the mind/body/food/touch connection. If you don't know what NAET is, look it up! I read the book and have had about 10 NAET treatments. Thank you to the whole office for bettering my health (and being extremely patient and understanding when my toddler needs to accompany me to appointments).

Susan Lutter

I came to Catalina Medical Center, after shoulder surgery and the entire staff has been very helpful! More important, I feel at least 60% better and I highly recommend Catalina Medical Center!

Esai Saucedo

I had a reoccurring knee injury for almost a year and with no signs of improvements. But once I came in here they took care of me and then less than a month I was able to go back to cardio workouts!! Ronald & Robin are masters of their craft! Friendly staff too.

Elizabeth Kenoff-Boyd

They fix my ongoing pains in the neck

Gerald Obey

I've been a patient here for a little over a year and my experience has been fantastic!

Song Han

After the first visit, I noticed my turned out right foot pointing forward.

Riquesha Evins

Monica Martinez

Tess Hug

Erica Alvarez


Dr.s Cohen and Josefsson,
I am so grateful for all you’ve done for my low back prob lems over the past year. It has been a truly great experience. Now that I’m pregnant, I’m even more grateful for what you’ve done for me!

Thank you x a million,

– Susan P.


Dr.’s Rob and Richard,

Thank you for treating me over the last 10 years during that time I’ve have lumbar and nerve problems and every time you have put me back together multiple times and for that I am grateful.
Bowling has been part of my life for over 80 years and at times I thought I would have to give that up, but because of your treatments I have been able to follow my dream and bowl tournaments again and do well!

During the last four years I’ve bowled games of 300(2) 299(3) 297(1)289(1) and multiple 279’s
I’am currently bowling in the (A)mateur (B)owlers(T)our and my goal is to return to the (W)est (C)oast (S)eniors (T)our these are seasoned regional semi pros and senior (P)ro(B)owlers(A)ss.

Thanks again,

– Bob D.


Dr. Cohen,

I have been coming to this chiropractic office since I was a little girl for my migraines and back problems. Thank you so much for taking care of me! The pain that has been relieved has changed my life. Thanks to all the help here at the office I have been able to push through all kinds of challenges. So once again, thank you.

– Christina S.

Dr. Cohen,

From the first time I came to your office, when Brad was still here, I felt completely at ease and felt I was being well taken care of. Between the chiro. adjustments, physio therapy and the massages (which were absolutely divine) my experiences here have always been wonderful!

In face this office has been the most nurturing than any other office I have ever been to, and I have seen many doctors and chiros etc., over the years Dr. Long is outstanding, as is Dr. Josefsson, Sabrina and Katie are efficient, effective, helpful and wonderful.

– Molly D.

Dr. Cohen,

I had a bad neck for almost 6 months I tried every Chiropractor in the bay area! You were the only one who fixed my neck! I love the patience, curtasy and such hard work!!!!! This is the best service I have had for a long time!!!!!

– anonymous


Dr. Long!!

You have been such a great help to our family, You are the best

Dr. Cohen,

All I can say is thank you!

– Lisa S.

Dr. Cohen,

You have been such a MIRACLE FOR ME!!

– Alexandra R.


Dr. Cohen,

Thank you for all your “Chiro.” treatments and your friendship. I truly have enjoyed getting to know you and your staff for ALL THOSE YEARS! I’m truly going to miss you and all the times I walk to Redondo Beach Pier and the SUNSETS!! I wish you continued success and happiness. Remember, your daughter and my grand- daughter share the same first “year” 1993.

Many, many thanks,

R#8211; Trudy G.

Congrats Dr. Cohen,

I always heard you were a miracle worker and never want to retire thank god for such a great man to be placed on this earth. I hope your next 25 years are just as wonderful. Thank you for being so caring.

– The Riviera Village People


Dr. Cohen,
My lower back feels sooo much better! Also it’s a pleasure coming here everyone smiles especially Sabrina!

– Linda H.

Dr. Cohen!

I’ve been coming to Catalina Medical Center since ’99 and it’s been the best “medical experience” ever! You’ve fixed my back so many times, it’s only plural because my middle name is “Klutz!” haha! You’re the best, stick around!

Love always,

– Jamie P. (I’m your favorite patient you just don’t know it yet)

Dr. Cohen,

Congrats on 25 years! Thank you so much for fixing my neck and MANY! back issues! I will keep doing the treatments you showed me! I hope you keep doing whatever you’re doing because it’s working! Thank you for helping me with my problems!

– Peggy C

Dr. Long the Best DR, Dr. Rob very good.

– Rocky


Dear Dr. Cohen,

I have been in business on Catalina a Le Tete for 28 years (we started the same year) I can’t tell you how many of your patients would come in on a daily basis to rave about your care and treatment you sounded like a born healer! Thank goodness I never needed any are until now I am looking for a miracle to cure my chronic leg pain now I have joined the patient list I hope to be one of those ravers. This seems like a happy place very friendly.


– Stella L.

Dr. Cohen,

You are excellent at what you do, healing the body . Thanks for all your help throughout the years.

– Peggy F.

Dr. Long,

I want to thank you for all your help and support and wish you the best throughout the years

– Eileen B.


Dr, Richard, Rob and Team,

Thank you for your wonderful help. I so appreciate all your competent carine service!

– Sue G.

Dr. Cohen and Team,

My first visit was in 1989, Alex T. told me you were a great Dr. 1992 with you help William delivered in 6hr and then Katelyn in 4hr. Thank you for all you do.

– Taemarie J.

Dear Dr. Cohen:

Eight or nine years ago now, I came in with a 9 mm disc. bulge and you told me that the neurosurgeon was wrong, I didn’t need surgery, you were right, I didn’t. I will never forget how you inspired me to believe that I would not have to live with the pain forever. Now my back is strong and I live a happy life without pain as long as I get checked once a month or so. You have really helped me tremendously! I remember the year I was diagnosed with disc pain as a dark period in my life that started improving as soon as I came in and has never (even once) been bad like that again, this whole 9 years.

Congratulations and best wishes,

– Tracey L.

Dr. Cohen, You are a miracle worker. You fixed my neck in 10 seconds.

– anonymous

P.S. Luv you sooo very much!!!

Dr. Cohen, Thanks for taking care of my wife (Hiltrud) for all of years.

– Leroy W.


Dr. Cohen,

I had no idea when I came to you that could help me with the pressure in my throat that was literally destroying my life. Doctor after doctor could not help me. Then, in a matter of a few weeks, you took away the pain and gave me back my quality of life, along with better digestion and more energy! Thanks to you and Dr. Josefsson I feel happy and hopeful once more. I can never thank you enough. God bless you and your wonderful staff!

– Chelsea E.

Dr. Cohen:

You have been a real blessing to me and my wife, the all group been a real blessing to me

– Rocky L.

Dr. Cohen,

Seems like yesterday that I could only walk across a room without feeling my right leg giving out from under me I had felt that way for 8 months before coming to you for help. Within a few months you had me roller blading and walking again on the beach. You do make a difference in peoples lives.

Thank you,

– Mary W.


Thanks for your care and frienship. I guess you may as well “stay put” now! Ok congrats!

– Vince D.


Congrats Dr. Cohen,

It’s ironic that I’m writing under Donna who sent me to you 4 years ago. Not only has my back benefited, but my sinuses and immune system as well. All this benefit with no treatment pain or discomfort! You’re optimistic, open-minded, healer, attitude is rare in the world. Few people believe chiropractics can have so many benefits! Their loss! You’re my doc. As long as you’re willing.

– Mike J.


Hi Dr. Richard,
Ive been thankful for your wonderful treatments for 20+ years! I’ve referred DOZENS of patients over the years and they all have experienced the same success. Many more years of success and healing all of us. You and your staff are wonderful!

– Donna M.

Dr. Cohen,

Thank goodness I found your practice, your team’s been wonderful over the years. Coming in for an adjustment is like visiting my extended family. Keep up the awesome work! A+

– anonymous

Dear Dr. Cohen,

I don’t know how it works, why it works, but it sure has helped me. I had suffered 30 years of back pain and 3 yrs ago I had a frozen shoulder and tennis elbow. Not only did you heal my arm, neck and back but also have helped in my fight against smoking, my headaches and my sense of smell. Thanks to you and your wonderful team for all you have done. I wouldn’t of believed it unless I experienced it. Congratulations on 25 years of making peoples lives easier, free of pain and better outlook on our days ahead.

– Angela S.


Dr. Cohen,

I’m glad to have been your “suite-mate” and that you were the one to introduce me in the arts of chiropractic care. I have been enjoying the benefits of your conservative treatment for many fine years now, thouh I think I’ve only known you for about twenty (october 1988 to be exact!) Congratulations on your 25 years of success, we all have benefitted from your ability to survive not only your patients but your staff and the business world as well. I look forward to many more years of excellent health and relations with you and your staff and family. On behalf on my entire family, Thank you!

– Dr. B. Logan

Dr. Cohen,

You’ve helped me so much with my back problems and migraines so much theres no words to express my gratitude you’re the best.

– Ernie D.

Dr. Cohen I am so grateful for finally listening to my husband’s referral to change doctors. He was right- you are amazing, talented, the best! Of the many doctors, exams, tests, medications and at times never ending treatments I’ve had in the past 10 years, I am so happy that I gave it all up and just came to you! In the past 2 years we have made more progress than in 10! You have cured me of my page long list of food and enviornment allergies (when I used to get sick 3-5 times a day – a thing in the past!) You have helped me with my chronic pain, pain management, headaches, sinus issues, my stubborn knee, and helped me get my sense of humor back when I don’t feel well. You truly are a master of the arts of the body and I am happy god has blessed you..and for many more years…


– Vanessa A.

Dr. Cohen.

Your compassion, professionalism, and personal care have keep me healthly and moving when all seemed hopeless. I so appreciate your personal touch. 25 years more please!


– Shannell M.

Dear Dr. Cohen,

I came here 2 years ago with severe nerve pain in my arm and leg due to a sprained iliosacral joint. The pain had become chronic and I worried I might be in for a a painful, inactive middle age. Thanks to your care, I’m back to my active life, including tennis! I am a chiro convert and will keep coming back for bi-monthly “tune-ups” to stay strong!

– Lisa E.

Dr. Cohen,

How grateful I am you chose this profession, and how grateful I am that I followed the recommendation to see you. Thank you for listening, for thinking outside the box, and for knowing we’re not just bones, that what brung us here connects to the entire body.

– Diane D.

Thank you Dr. Cohen,

My husband and I started here 24 years ago. Your wonderful care and treatment put our lives on a positive and stable level. We have enjoyed many years of great health, now that we are getting older, a few things slip. You know how that is Well, we’re back for a tune up and for me it’s working great. Thank you so much again for all you do.
God bless you all!

– Patty W.

Dear Dr. Cohen,

Thank you for allowing me to be apart of helping so many people like we do at Catalina Medical Center. I can’t tell you how fulfilling it is to know that someone can come to us in pain and leave the same day feeling better. I know you have helped me get rid of my headaches without me having to rely on medication, which means more to me than anything. Congratulations on your continued success!

– Kymm R.

Doc I want to say thank you for helping me with my shoulder and wrist pain. I am also glad to see how you help so many patients. I’m glad to be apart of your staff.

Love Always,

– Wendy S.

Dr. Cohen Congratulations on 25 years of success, you truly deserve it! Thank you so much for helping me with my knee issues, I’ve cut almost 2 minutes out of my mile jog!!! I sincerely hope you continue to help others for 25 more years.

All my best,

– Brad K.

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