Redondo Beach Chiropractic Explains Chiropractic Treatment for Allergies

Redondo Beach Chiropractor Explains Chiropractic Treatment for Allergies

Chiropractic Redondo Beach CA Treatment for Allergies

Allergies may seem like they worsen with spring flowers, but they exist year-round! If you find yourself sneezing, itchy, and overflowing with nasal congestion, look no further! Catalina Medical Center offers chiropractic treatment for allergies. Drs. Richard Cohen, Rob Josefsson, and Donald Weinstein hold a lifetime of experience between them. Don’t let allergy symptoms ruin your life. Contact our office today!

You may not realize it, but your immune system and nervous system are directly connected. Allergies kickstart your immune system into an overdrive state. Your body is mistaking allergens as harmful pathogens. This then throws off your entire nervous system. Your Redondo Beach chiropractors provide a solution: spinal adjustments. These realign your spine to increase overall bodily function.

The hub of the nervous system is found in the spine. It connects your entire body. This is where all communication originates from and flows. This is what makes subluxations or misalignments of the spine so harmful. Your body cannot function in its entirety. Spinal manipulation or adjustment restores the blocked pathways. These blockages are caused by a variety of conditions, including herniated discs and pinched nerves. By boosting your nervous system through chiropractic treatment, your immune system improves as well.

There are other risk factors for allergies. Stress takes a physical toll on one's physical health. Continual heightened stress weakens your adrenal glands. Your body will have a harder time controlling your allergic reactions. Reducing cortisol, the stress hormone, is necessary. Chiropractic treatments are often stress-relieving.

Your dietary habits and exercise routine may also need revamping. Your respiratory system is the target of allergy symptoms. Exercise strengthens your lungs and body against environmental triggers.

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