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Dealing With Back Pain in Redondo Beach CA

How to deal with back pain in Redondo beach

Chiropractic Redondo Beach CA Back Pain

After a while people put unnecessary strain on their back that can increase back pain by up to 50%. At Catalina Medical Center, we encourage our patients who are dealing with back pain to seek chiropractic care for pain relief. Spinal adjustments realign your back and provide pain relief to your lower back.

When possible, we encourage our patients who sit for long periods of time to get up and stretch every half hour to keep your back loose and your muscles from tightening up. We recommend that our patients sit up straight with their backs to the chair and not slouching.

Your health is the most important thing to us, which is why we encourage our patients to exercise to exercise daily and work on having better posture. Avoiding unnecessary stretch on your back goes a long to keeping you feeling healthy.

For more information please visit our website or give us a call at (310)-378-7246 . Dr. Richard Cohen, we are located at 1919 S Catalina Ave, Redondo Beach, California, 90277.


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